About Volleyball

The origins of volleyball can be traced back to 1895 when William G. Morgan a physical education director at the YMCA in Holyoke, Mass, created a game which he called the Mintonnette. It was meant to be an indoor sport, not as strenuous as basketball but yet athletic enough to keep senior members of the YMCA in good health. In 1896, Alfred Halstead an observer noticed the volleying nature of the game during an exhibition match at the YMCA and named it volley ball which subsequently over the years came to be known as volleyball.

The reason why we are telling our readers all this is because while volleyball is a hugely popular sport today, few know about its origins. That is where our blog site http://www.allenallenvolleyball.com can be of immense help to the lovers of the game. Our team of researchers and bloggers are passionate about the game and bring to our readers various facets of volleyball. These include little known facts, news and precious nuggets of information on the game.

What will you find on our blog site devoted exclusively to volleyball? Here is a snap shot to make our goals clear to visitors to our site.

You will find blogs on the origins of the game (a small glimpse is given at the start here) and how it has evolved over time. Even though its roots go back to 1895, it became a full Summer Olympic sport only in 1964. In between it was played as a demonstration game at the Paris Olympics in 1924. Details about all these aspects can be had at our site.

We will also have in-depth write-ups of the rules of the game, the court measurements, number of players and the dimensions of the ball. Scoring rules will also be on our site.

Finally, we will have sections and updates on any changes made in the rules or format of the game. Hence it is possible to get an overall view of the game by simply visiting our site.